How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal.

Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair, it is therefore important to avoid plucking, waxing, threading or using an epilator for four weeks prior to starting laser hair removal treatment and throughout your course of treatment. Shaving or trimming the hair is fine as this only cuts off the surface hair and leaves the root intact. In fact, hair should be shaved the day before each laser treatment to prevent surface hair burning on the skin. We do not need to see the hair to be treated as we do not target the individual hairs. The laser covers a 1.2 square centimetre with each shot, so we simply treat the whole area you have shaved.
It is also important not to bleach the hair to be treated as we need the pigment in the hair (melanin) – this is the target for the laser energy.

Sun tanning, sun beds and fake tans should be avoided for six weeks prior to starting your laser hair removal and throughout your treatment. If you wish to go on holiday and tan, you should take a break from your laser treatment, as tanned skin is at risk of burning with the laser.

Chemical peels should be avoided for a two week period before and after laser hair removal treatment.

There are other medications and medical conditions that may mean laser hair removal might not be suitable for you. All our consultations and patch tests are performed by experienced, qualified nurses specialised in laser hair removal who will go through a detailed medical questionnaire to assess your suitability for treatment. There is no charge for the consultation and patch test.

Jane Keena This article was written by Jane Keena of Complete LaserCare.
Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and worked as a senior nurse in the NHS until 2001.
She left to pursue a career in laser hair removal, initially working for Boots the Chemist where she was appointed laser protection supervisor and gained a BTEC award in Laser and Intense Light Hair removal in March 2001.