Is Derma Roller Effective On Stretch Marks?

Everybody hates stretch marks. Many topical creams/oils exist claiming to improve them but none of them actually work because they cannot absorb into the skin effectively and stimulate collagen production.

Skin Needling Effects DiagramSkin needling can be used to stimulate collagen production and treat stretch marks.

The treatment is the same as treating any other skin condition except longer needles are needed.

The area should be treated every 4 – 6 weeks. This allows enough time for the skin to fully heal by reducing all the inflammation.

Definite improvements can be achieved with skin needling but smaller needles (0.25mm – 0.3mm) will not be effective. The most effective needle size are between 0.5 mm – 2.0mm depending on the severity of the stretch marks.

At Complete Lasercare we are fully trained in the safe use of the bigger needles needed to treat stretch marks.

Derma rollering stretch marks is definitely not a quick fix. Do not expect immediate results.

You should expect an average of 6 – 8 treatments over 4 – 8 months before seeing noticeable improvements.

In time, stretch marks can become much less visible but will ultimately still be there. It is unlikely that skin needling can completely eliminate the appearance of stretch marks but results can be satisfying.

Jane Keena This article was written by Jane Keena of Complete LaserCare.
Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and worked as a senior nurse in the NHS until 2001.
She left to pursue a career in laser hair removal, initially working for Boots the Chemist where she was appointed laser protection supervisor and gained a BTEC award in Laser and Intense Light Hair removal in March 2001.