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Up To 40% Off Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Book A Group Of Treatments and Save Money

Book a group of 3 treatments and get 40% off the published prices.

Book a single treatment and get 25% off the published prices.

Treatment Packages

We offer a variety of programmes and personalised packages to deliver a range of targeted treatments to suit your individual need. With the latest in laser hair technologies and innovations, we provide our clients with fast, pain-free hair removal solutions for long-lasting results.

During your free one-to-one consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with one of our dedicated laser care nurses, who will guide you through our menu of services and will create a treatment plan that is tailored to you.
Please see our most popular packages detailed below. For our full price list please click here. To book your free consultation or for more information please contact us here.

Our packages allow you to combine treatments for multiple areas to maximise your appointment with us, saving you both time and money. You can save more money by booking a group of treatments as explained above. Call Jane and Emily on 02076378905 to discuss your needs.


Full legs, bikini, underarms, full arms, chest and abdomen, full back and shoulders

Prices start from £562.50


Full legs, bikini, underarms, full arms, chest and abdomen, full back and shoulders and face.

Prices start from £600


Lower leg & under arms
Freedom from day-to-day hair removal maintenance
Prices start from £180


Full leg, bikini & under arm
The ultimate package for hair-free and care-free
Prices start from £277.50


Under arm & bikini
Free from monthly maintenance and daily upkeep
Prices from £101.25


Full leg & bikini
Be prepared whatever the weather
Prices start from £255


Two areas of the face
Be confident to face the day
Prices from £67.50

You can also create your own package, personalised to suit your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss.