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Treatments & Price List

We offer a variety of programmes and personalised packages to deliver a range of targeted treatments to suit your individual need. With the latest in laser hair technologies and innovations, we provide our clients with fast, pain-free hair removal solutions for long-lasting results.

During your free one-to-one consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with one of our dedicated laser care nurses, who will guide you through our menu of services and will create a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

Please see our full list of treatments and prices below. All prices include a free one-to-one consultations and patch test.

To book your free consultation or for more information please contact us here.

 Area Female  Male
 Underarms  £48.75  £48.75
 Bikini  from £63.75
 Underarm and Bikini  from £101.25
 Lower Arms and Hands  £90  £135
 Full Back  £142.50  £180
 Full Legs  £217.50  £247.50
 Full Legs & Bikini  £255 £273.75
 Upper Legs  £150  £187.50
 Lower Legs  £131.25  £150
 1 Facial Area  £45  £45
 2 Facial Areas  £67.50  £67.50
 3 Facial Areas  £86.25  £86.25
 Full Beard  £116.25  £116.25

These prices are for single treatments with a 25% discount.

Full Price Lists

Please follow these links to download our full price lists as a pdf document.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Price List. Valid Mar 2019

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Price List. Valid Mar 2019