What Happens During a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Does laser hair removal hurt and is laser hair removal safe are the questions we get asked most often by clients considering treatment for the first time and unsure about what happens during a laser hair removal treatment.

Firstly to answer the questions;

Does not hurt? There is is mild discomfort which most people seem to tolerate well.

Is it safe? Yes very, particularly in the hands of trained nurses.

Secondly we thought the best way of assuring people was to produce a short video which takes you through the process of a laser hair removal consultation and treatment at the Complete LaserCare London clinic.

Please click start and then “Full Screen” bottom right hand button to view the video more easily.

The video shows the following;

  • Complete Lasercare is located in Harcourt House, a beautiful building in London’s prestigious Cavendish Square. We are only two minutes away from both Oxford Circus and Bond St underground stations.
  • We are discreetly located in within a modern dental and alternative therapies clinic.
  • All treatments are carried out by experienced, registered nurses. We are able to offer clients treatment with the same nurse at every visit to ensure continuity of care.
  • All clients are given a thorough consultation and patch testing for Laser hair removal, which is completely free of charge.
  • We used the acclaimed FDA approved Lumenis Lightsheer diode Laser, chosen for its excellence in safety and effectiveness.
  • The Laser beam emits light at a high (infrared) intensity that is absorbed by the melanin (dark pigment) in the hair and is converted into heat. This disrupts growth in cells in the follicle and so the hair is lost and regrowth is significantly reduced.
  • Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and longer lasting way to remove unwanted body or facial hair.


Jane Keena This article was written by Jane Keena of Complete LaserCare.
Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and worked as a senior nurse in the NHS until 2001.
She left to pursue a career in laser hair removal, initially working for Boots the Chemist where she was appointed laser protection supervisor and gained a BTEC award in Laser and Intense Light Hair removal in March 2001.