What is the age limit for laser hair removal?

Free Initial Pre Treatment Consultation
Free Initial Pre Treatment Consultation

We recommend a minimum age of 18 years for laser hair removal, although in some circumstances those aged 16 – 18 years old would be considered for treatment. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian would need to accompany you to your consultation and appointments. There is no upper age limit for treatment, although laser hair removal is not effective on grey/white hair.

The reason we have a minimum age limit for laser hair removal is due to the hormonal changes happening during puberty. As we progress through puberty and the teenage years, our body hair increases and thickens. We would not want to laser before the hair growth has settled into its lasting pattern in order to achieve optimum results. Laser hair removal can only treat hair that is presently growing and will not prevent dormant follicles from starting to grow new hairs at a later date, which may be activated by hormonal changes.

At Complete Lasercare all clients are individually assessed for suitability at consultation. If you are unsuitable for treatment, we are happy to provide advice on other methods of hair removal which may be more appropriate.

Consultation and patch testing are both free of charge and performed by registered nurses, specialised in laser hair removal.

Jane Keena This article was written by Jane Keena of Complete LaserCare.
Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and worked as a senior nurse in the NHS until 2001.
She left to pursue a career in laser hair removal, initially working for Boots the Chemist where she was appointed laser protection supervisor and gained a BTEC award in Laser and Intense Light Hair removal in March 2001.