Which Sunscreen Do You Recommend?

Skinceuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50 Sunscreen
Skinceuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50 Sunscreen

It is essential that any areas of the body undergoing Laser hair removal are protected from UV exposure by using a high factor sunscreen. If tanned skin is lasered, it is possible the laser may target the increased melanin (brown pigment) in the skin as well as the melanin in the hair causing it to burn. This can result in blisters, scabs and possible pigmentation change, although this is normally temporary. It is also important to protect skin which has been lasered from sun exposure after treatment as it may be more sensitive to UV light for a period of four weeks following treatment. If after this time, you wish to tan, you would need to take a break from your course of laser treatment until your skin had returned to its usual colour and the tan completely gone.

SkinCeuticals sunscreens are broad-spectrum with options to suit every skin type and lifestyle. They feature Z-Cote transparent zinc oxide and provide high factor SPF necessary to help prevent skin damage from sun exposure.

At Complete Lasercare, we particularly like SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50. It has 100% mineral filters, is paraben free and is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive. It is lightweight, with an ultra sheer texture, making it perfect for facial use.

Using a good quality, high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen helps to prevent UV induced skin damage such as hyperpigmentation, ‘age spots’ and collagen breakdown leading to lines and wrinkles as well as to prevent skin cancer.

We recommend using an antioxidant such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin in combination with your SPF for maximum skin protection.

SkinCeuticals products are available to purchase from Complete Lasercare. We would be happy to advise you on the products most suited to your individual skin type.

Jane Keena This article was written by Jane Keena of Complete LaserCare.
Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth and worked as a senior nurse in the NHS until 2001.
She left to pursue a career in laser hair removal, initially working for Boots the Chemist where she was appointed laser protection supervisor and gained a BTEC award in Laser and Intense Light Hair removal in March 2001.